About Selfa

My name is Hannah. 
I was raised in an artistic family in a small village. My grandfather was a photographer. My mother was the owner of a studio that provided rented wedding dresses for local brides. I luckily have been connected with the wedding industry through helping my family at work when I was a girl. And I felt so in love with the job that my mom was doing. 

I inherited her studio at age 19. After that, I worked as a bridal make-up artist for 4 years at my own studio. At the time, I clearly realized an immense passion for wedding dresses that have always been nourished in my mind. Therefore, in 2017, with the main support from my boyfriend, I moved into my other career, which is designing and making wedding dresses. Thus, SELFA was born with the slogan "Affordable wedding dresses can be chic!" We believe brides should be able to confidently present their unique beauty in a resplendent yet comfortable manner. 

Dresses by Selfa are feminine, sophisticated, and freeing. Each dress has a spectacular style differing in refinement, which makes them all capable of satisfying every bride. Selfa dresses will help you to emphasize your personality and look gorgeous on the most important day of your life. Much more than that, we can also recreate wedding dress from top designers who you always dreamed of but could never afford because those prices can easily break your budget. Additionally, for brides who are struggling with the fitting size chart, we ensure every Selfa piece is handmade and customized according to your individual measurements and needs. 

Now, let's get married and design your own wedding dress with Selfa!