Alexis & Parker

Alexis & Parker

Back to those memorable days when we first have got a lovely message from this gorgeous via Etsy.
She loves our designs!
Somehow, and this is the most grateful thing we still feel the same til now, Alexis wanted to have a minimalist wedding dress made by Selfa, although at that time most of the dresses in our Etsy store are kind of sophisticated style with richly detailing lace and intricate beading work.
It was so wonderful when she put her trust in a little brand that carries totally different style and taste in the designs. We did feel proud and so inspired.

It took sometimes for us to talked about details, discussed a few ideas for the mix and match, the dress finally came out at simple as it was expected.
No lace, no beading, it's all about just Crepe and a flattering silhouette, but it's the ultimate sophistication when we see her wedding photos.
This dress is the best adornment for a pure and charm beauty as our Alexis.




Couple: Alexis and Parker
Photo captured by Michelle Breiter
Custom designed wedding dress by Selfa Bridal


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