We think your wedding dress must be all yours!
For that, every Selfa dress will be handmade carefully based on your body shape, with your measurements for the perfect fit. We have specific requirements according to each specific design. Below is the best measuring instructions to help you with the task.

Before you start,



✔ Follow the example photos below to take a photo of every required measurement. Pictures should show results on the measuring tape placed on your body. Do not only zoom in on the results. It's very important to see how you measured. Sometimes, we need to adjust your measurements for proper fit. 

✔ We also require 3 full-body photos taken from the front, back, and side. Please hold the camera parallel to your body, not higher or lower. The photos should properly show your body shape/ figure.


✔ Wear tight-fitting clothing such as leggings and a tank top, or just your undergarments, rather than loose-fitting or thick clothing.
Wear your best-fitting undergarments (such as butt and hip pads, bodysuit shapewear, bra, etc) when measuring. This is the most important.
✔ Wear your wedding shoes/ high heels or a pair of the same height.
✔ If possible, have someone help you take these measurements. When your arms relaxed down at your sides instead of trying to hold up the tape measure, you’ll have more accurate measurements.
✔ Do not pull the tape measure too tight. The measuring tape should fit as loosely around your body as possible without falling.



Get your measurements

1. Shoulder to floor

Stand upright and measure from the midpoint of your shoulder straight down the floor (or where you'd like the hem to be). Tip: Make sure to wear your wedding shoes/ heels when measuring.


2. Waist to floor

Firstly, locate your waist with a thin strip (or ribbon), then measure from there down to the floor. It is often easiest to measure at the side of your body.


3. Train length

If you have a specifically required length of the dress train, measure from the waistline to the end of the floor where you want the train to end.


4. Waist

Define your waist by ribbon at where you want the desired waistline to be, typically at the smallest part of your natural waist. Wrap the measuring tape closely around the strip to measure.
Tip: Relax, don't breathe out or pull in your stomach. Don't measure it too tight.


5. High hips

Measure the circumference around the hip bones. You should be able to fit a finger between the tape and your body.


6. Hips

Hold the measuring tape parallel to the floor, circle it around the widest part of the hips (below your hip bones), crossing behind the buttocks.


7A. Upper bust

Hold the tape around your ribcage, then pull it up to under your armpits and above your bust. 
The tape measure should form a loop that is more or less parallel to the floor, but if it's angled up a little in the front, that is fine.


7B. Bust

Wrap the measuring tape around the fullest part of your bust, position the tape crossing the nipples, arms down and relax
If you're going to wear a bra under your dress, wear it to measure, make sure it fits properly. 


7C. Lower bust

Measure a full circle around the part of your body that is just below the bust (right under the wire/band of your bra sits). 


8. Bust distance

Measure from one bust point (nipple) to the other. 


9. Shoulder to bust

Measure vertically from your mid-shoulder (where your bra strap naturally sits) down toward your bust point (nipple).


10. Hollow to waist

Measure from the centre of your neck (hollow) straight down the defined waistline. 


11A. Shoulder to waist front

Measure down vertically from your mid-shoulder through the bust point (nipple) ended at the waistline strip.


11B. Shoulder to waist back

Measure vertically from the top mid of your shoulder through the shoulder blade and end at the defined waistline. 


12. Shoulder width

Place the tape measure from the tip of one shoulder to the other at your back. 


13. Back width

Measure the distance between the end of the armpits at the back, straight from one side to the other.


14. Armhole

Measure the full circle around your shoulder and armpit. 
With the tape measure held in place, move your arm around. Rotate it back and forth, up and down. The tape measure should not be too tight to restrict the movement of your arm in any way.


15. Bicep

Measure around your bicep (upper arm) at its fullest point. It is normally close to your armpit.


16. Elbow

Bend your forearm parallelly with the floor. Circle the tape around the elbow bone at its widest part to measure.


17. Wrist

Measure the circumference around your wrist while your palm opens,  arm bent 90 degrees. 
Do the same if your dress has 3/4 sleeve length. 


18. Sleeve length

Bend your elbow a little (no more than 90 degrees). Measure from the tip of your shoulder down through elbow bone, stop at where you just measured your wrist circumference. 


19. Shoulder to elbow

Measure vertically from the tip of your shoulder down the arm to elbow bone.


20. Overarm

With arms relaxed down the sides, place the measuring tape around the broadest part of the chest and arm. Ensure the tape is parallel to the floor.


21. Hip depth

Vertically measure the distance between the defined waistline (at the ribbon) and the fullest part of your bottom.


22. Waist to the flare (mermaid dress)

Measure vertically from the defined waist down toward your knee, but stop where you want the flaring part of the mermaid dress started.


23. Upper thighs

Stand relaxed with your legs straight, measure the full circle around the mid-thigh of the two legs. Tape is parallel with the floor.